GAMES: worms

Territory WAR

42 plays

Territory War faces two teams of players against each other in a turn-based killing game. When it is your turn to move, you have two options: To Move or to Stay. If you choose to move, remember you can only move a limited amount. Then, whether you stayed or are done moving, the attack options will appear. Grenades can cause heavy damage and hit far away targets. The Gun only hits one target, but with accuracy and cause and instant kill with a headshot (target must be below half life strength). The Boot causes very little damage, but can knock someone off the stage for an instant kill. Unlock more levels by playing the missions and challenges.

Territory WAR 2

65 plays

New weapons, stages, improved engine and online play! Please be aware that this is the DEMO version of Territory WAR Online! I know you would prefer the full version but online games work a little differently, so it’s not quite that simple. Special thanks to Xgen, poxpower, The-Swain, Josh and Jason from KTR, DarKsidE555, and Gorebastard for helping with the game’s art, soundtrack, and functionality!

Territory War 3

26 plays

The long awaited sequel to one of the most popular online frag arenas of all time is finally here! Featuring new maps, new weapons, gameplay modes and new ways to earn XP, level up and kick some ass! Including a new level editor, for you to create the arena of your dreams - and your friend's nightmares.